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05-Jan-2018 06:59

Another huge consideration for why Russian women look overseas for love is that men in their country don't live very long.The reasons for this will become obvious later in this article, but the shocking fact is that the average Russian male isn't expected to live past the age of 65, and that's without factoring in things like unexpected wars with foreign countries, increased rates of suicide, or anything else that can limit their life expectancy.For years, there was a real stigma attached to the idea of either being a mail order bride, or being a western guy looking for a Russian woman to marry.People treated it as though the man was effectively buying a Russian woman to do nothing more than start a family, take care of his kids, and whatever sexual needs he might have.

The west, in comparison, is the land of opportunity for them, because there are no limits to what a woman can aspire to achieve.

Another key reason for so many Russian girls signing up to these sites is they see and hear of success stories, online and from friends who share the positive results possible when you date and marry a foreign man.